Hey there 2012…

And I finally got used to writing 2011 on everything. Oh well, the old brain in my head isn’t always so quick with majors changes like this.

Let’s talk resolutions, yes?

As some may know, I’m not a resolution person. I told a coworker the other day that I resolve not to murder stupid people. This could get tough. But even though I don’t really make resolutions, I always have goals floating around…

If I were to create a real resolution to share with the public, it would be to attend to my blog more. I finally just got a great work-school-friend balance and I could maybe start to sneak in some blog time. But I would much rather spend that time with my friends. I miss all my friends back in Illinois like crazy and got to see them while I was in town for Christmas. But I need to start skyping and g-chatting with them more. Plus my new friends here need Alisa time as well. Luckily I’m on a similar schedule with most of them, so they understand that 9pm is WAAAAAAYYYYYY past my bed time. (Yeah, the loser NYE party ended at 8:30, and most of us were asleep before 10pm.)

So I guess that would be a goal as well, spend more time with my friends. A lot of my Illinois friends and I are planning trips seeing how some even have friends out this way. Guests are always welcome at Casa Alisa (and I will even cook for you!) Also, I want to spend even more time with my new friends and make some great bonds. I feel like I put them on the back burner, because they live close by and I see them all the time.

Did you know that the most popular resolution is to lose weight? Go figure, Obese America wants to lose weight. But as anybody who has seriously worked out knows, most of the resolutionaries will be out of the gym before the end of the month. It’s a shame that as a nation, we provide ourselves with a clean slate and have the opportunity to start a great healthy habit, but we fail.

To avoid the stress of the resolutionaries (seriously, nobody wants to listen to you yap on the phone while slowly walking on my treadmill), my gym buddy and I are taking to the streets. Because of the mild winter, I was able to talk him into running outside for the next few weeks. Let’s hope that it doesn’t get too cold or start snowing, otherwise it will just be me and G-dog. This convincing took more than just a few minutes. He’s a stubborn one. Luckily, the tiny gym will be ours again in a month.

G goals


Are you a resolution maker? Or at least a new year’s goal maker?

I think they are silly, but to some they are a big kick in the butt they need. A friend is celebrating her two year anniversary of quitting smoking all from a resolution.

What were you New Year’s Eve plans?

I was supposed to get together with a friend, but she cancelled on me last minute. After comparing invites, I decided to get together with some friends that were having an early party. Most of us are in the food industry and had to work over the weekend, so it was a nice relaxing evening and I was in bed well before midnight!

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