Feel free to report me to the DBFS

The Department of Blog and Family Services… you know, the other branch of the DCFS. Yeah, I ‘m so far past slacking that I have no excuse. None. I’m busy. Really busy. I work full time and go to school full time. I was not prepared for how busy that would make me. But I’m here and I’m going to counseling so the DBFS will give me full custody of this blog back.

I’m not going to do a full recap of what has happened, because that’s boring and nobody wants to read that. But I will tell you that the more classes I take, the more I want to do sports nutrition. I’ve aced my first nutrition class, so I’m off to a great start. So what does that mean for you? It means, you should ask me what to eat. Or something like that… I would love to work at the Olympic Training Center or with an NFL team. Or even on the collegiate level. So, in a year or so, I will be able to tell you what to eat and will have a degree that tells me to do so!


Since moving out here I’ve dropped 2(!) sizes. Granted a big part of that is my schedule (on my  feet up to 12 hours a day), but a bigger part is making sure the athlete in me is happy! I’ve been hitting the ‘mill often (my knees can’t handle all the hills out here). Plus I’ve been trying to eat like an athlete, which makes a huge difference, apparently.


So that leads me to another big thing. I haven’t raced since August. And there’s a weird burning in my legs asking for a race, so I’m shopping around. I found a 5k series in March that I’m going to sign up for, but what about after that? This is where you guys will help me.

Do I continue training for shorter distances and get faster? I love doing speed work and those workouts leave me feeling amazing!


Do I re-train for a longer distance? After August’s disaster of a half, I feel the need for a redemption race, but do I have the time for long runs?

I will be doing the 5ks (there’s 3 in the series) as fun runs, so I can start training hardcore after those. I am really up in the air on this one. I’m leaning towards the shorter distances (5ks and 10ks) and then come June, deciding on a half or not. And if I do a half, that will take me one step closer to running a full marathon, which is still one of my goals.


Finally, I’m going to try to update at least once a week, but if you really need more Alisa in your life, I do update my twits somewhat frequently.


What’s your favorite distance to run?

I’m a big fan of the 5k distance. I have yet to race a 10k, but I think I will fall in love once doing it.

If you could go back to college, would you study  the same thing? Or would you do something totally different?

Obviously, I would study something different, which is why I’m in school now! But I don’t regret my first time around in college. In fact, my poli sci degree could come in handy (seriously Congress? tomato sauce on pizza is a serving of vegetables?).

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