I ramble and then share an awesome video.

The title of this post is like an outline of what’s to come.

I have a great new idea for The Biggest Loser. Get rid of Anna and hire me as a trainer. And for every five pounds I lose, the team gets one bonus pound. I’m pretty sure I have all the same credentials Anna has, plus I can actually yell (years of being a lifeguard and a camp director have given me no sympathy for anyone’s ears). Plus motivation, what more motivation do you need then to beat your trainer in losing weight? Come on BL, call me up and we can work this deal out.


I love my Luna and Larry Coconut Bliss ice cream. Obsessed is actually a better term. If this stuff was a person, I would be a stalker outside the window. It’s only sold in the Whole Foods by me, which isn’t a problem, because, HELLO, I love Whole Foods AND I’m glad to have my Luna and Larry close by. But I’m not allowed to go to Whole Foods frequently. It’s my shopping weakness. Any other store (including Trader Joe’s), I can contain myself and at most will buy one thing not on my list. But I walk into Whole Foods and all bets are off. I will buy anything I see and think I need. Like cereal. I love cereal, but I don’t need five boxes. Yet, I step into WF and end up with five in my cart, whoops. So to fix this problem, I stocked up on my ice cream to avoid going to Whole Foods to frequently. I stocked up. And you know what, all five containers have lasted over a week so far!


Have you heard of My Drunk Kitchen? No? For shame. Go youtube that biz and report back afterwards. She’s drunk and makes a fool out of herself on the internet, what more do you need? The sad thing is, she will probably make more money off of this, then I will in my life. But either way, she’s good for many laughs.

Have you heard of Songs to Wear Pants To? This one I will forgive, but again, go look into it. You need a song written? Tell him about it, give it a genre, a rhythm, some lyrics perhaps, whatever you want, and ta-da, you have a song. You used to be able to download songs for free, but they are still amazing and worth your time.

So you know what’s really awesome, combine My Drunk Kitchen and Songs to Wear Pants to and you have this:


I hope you actually read my rambles before you got to the video. If not, I hope you at least joined the video.


Favorite ice cream flavor… and go…
Anything! But mainly stuff with chocolate or Irish cream flavor.

Thoughts on Anna? How about my plan to be a trainer?
Wouldn’t that be awesome if I got a job on Biggest Loser?

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