Blog Assistance, puh-lease!

So I'm trying to make this blog amazing. I found myself a niche that I'm going to build into, (post tomorrow - how to make healthy, healthier... get excited), I'm playing with layout possibilities (pages? pages! Yeah, I got me some of those now. Still a work in progress though.), but now, to make blogging better, I'm going to ask for advice.

1) Windows Live Writer - I know a lot of big time bloggers use this. PBF and SR are the two that pop into my head right now. Who else uses this? Is WLW as life changing as it seems? Would anybody recommend not going this route with a smaller blog?

2) Being the Paparazzi - Do you guys really all carry around your cameras and snap hundreds of pictures a day? Am I the only loser with only giant cameras? I treasure my D80 so much that I barely take it out of my house and only for major occasions. And my digital is from the second round of digital cameras, so it's about the size of a brick. It was one of the first ones that didn't use an entire floppy disk to download pictures. Yeah, I'm that old-school.

3) Interests - What is your favorite part of your favorite blogs? Is it the workout ideas? food porn? personal life tidbits? healthy living advice? funny pictures? general mutual interests?

4) Is it possible to have too many pictures of my dog on here? Because I don't think so!

5) Friends and Family - Most of my close friends and family are weirded out by blogging. The claim it's bad to put that much personal information online. None of them have facebook even! This is why none of them are ever shown or named on this here blog.

6) Have you ever known someone in real life, but discovered they have a blog life too? How did you handle it? I just recently discovered someone who did me wrong in college floating around the blogosphere. I have seen her comment on some of my favorite blogs. It's strange. I feel like I need to hide to avoid some sort of blog confrontation, because our real life friendship ended very messy and I don't want to make a messy situation for any of you. But on the other hand, a part of me feels like everyone is getting jipped, because she's hiding the hurtful side of herself that ruined a part of my life, so I should just come right out and make a scene. (I feel like this is the plot to a really, really bad made for tv movie. If it's not, I'm totally selling the idea.)

Thanks guys! I hope all of you in the midwest are enjoying the horrible heat. I'm just sitting here thinking about snow, winter, temperatures below 70, sweaters.... perfect!


  1. For some of your questions--yes, I almost always have a camera on me. But I take a little cheap digital one with me, and keep the big guns at home or for special occasions!
    I do put a lot of my life online, but most of my family loves it because they live far away and like to see pictures of what's going on!

  2. Windows Live Writer has nothing to do with the size of your blog. If I didn't use it, there is no way I'd be on Wordpress because it makes EVERYTHING so much easier. It's like writing your post in Microsoft Word. Then it uploads your post to your blog for you. SO EASY. I hate writing actual posts in Wordpress (although, blogger was okay when I was on there because it's way more intuitive and user friendly.)

    I have my point and shoot camera on me at all times. Most people know I write a blog and I take a crap ton of pictures. My husband will just out right tell me no if he doesn't want something on my blog which is fine with me. I have one friend that doesn't want me to use her name and that's cool with me too.


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