Five For Friday–Summer Edition

I fell asleep to thunderstorms last night, so you can only imagine how NOT surprised I was to wake up to thunderstorms this morning. Too bad, it was finally not so unbearable hot outside and the humidity was not horrible either. I waited it out hoping that I could get in a solid long run, because I haven’t done one since June. After an hour of sitting around waiting, I knew I had to work out, because I needed to get stuff done today! Thank goodness that I still have a stash of workout dvds floating around my house and there are lots of available choices on hulu.

Of course, it was beautiful out by the time I finished trying out a Bollywood workout on Hulu, but too bad. This was a fun workout, but I don’t think I got my usual “burn” that I get from running. But I looked like an idiot doing this, so Guinness was happy! All those years of dance class and I still have no coordination!

I know I’ve been a downer about summer lately, but I’m usually a positive person, so I’m a doing a FIVE THINGS I like about summer.

1. Grilling: Not only is it a healthier option, but everything tastes better on the grill. Right?

2. Margaritas on the deck at night: There is no other way to truly enjoy a margarita (well, in the dead of winter, with the heat turned up works too).


3. Dinning al fresco: This goes with numbers one and two! Listening to the birds chirp and feeling the breeze… it makes food taste better. Plus tons of restaurants and bars open up their patios and it just makes going out a little more exciting. Plus, some places allow dogs on their patios! Sunsets + food = Awesome!


4. Locally grown produce (and lettuce and herbs from MY pots!): If it’s not fresh, it just doesn’t taste the same. I could live at farmer’s markets and have become close with some of the farms. And I’m glad the bunny population does not come up on my deck to eat all my lettuce and herbs, I’m use them daily!


5. Extra sunlight: This is the only draw back to winter for me. I enjoy going to work at 5am and having the sun be out.


Now it’s off to buy some new towels and bathroom accessories! Highlight of my day!


What’s your favorite thing about summer?

It’s totally the produce for me.

Do you enjoy shopping for homey things? What are the colors in your bathroom(s)?

I’m beyond excited to get my own place to decorate! My shower curtain has tons of colors, but I picked out a sage green and chocolate brown that go with the curtain and using very natural accessories. Like a dark bamboo soap dispenser and shower hooks made with hemp. I’ll take pictures once I’m moved!

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  1. My favorite thing about summer is swimming outside! Lakes, oceans, whatever--I love it. Usually I love shopping for home stuff but we're building our house right now so we have to buy EVERYTHING and honestly, I couldn't handle another trip to Ikea!


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