Veg it up!

My last post discussed the spinach swap, which got me thinking, what are other great ways to sneak in some extra veggie servings? Because, well, can you ever get too many veggies in? (My IBS says yes… yes, you can get too many veggies, Alisa) So let’s discuss this matter…

Salads. Giant bowl. Enough produce to last a lifetime. End of story. (I totally want to end this post here, but then nobody would read my blog.)

Smoothies! Amanda at Run to the Finish brought up throwing spinach into your smoothie. I swear, I’m the creator of this idea, I don’t care what anybody says. But have you done other veggies? My mom swears by beets, I personally think they smell like garbage, so even if they taste amazing, I will never try them out. I love carrots. I chop them up and blend well (if you have a sucky blender, microwave your carrots with a bit of water, then blend). I also dig cucumbers! Not just in general, but in the smoothie form. You guys should try cucumbers + watermelon + ice for a refreshing summer bev!

Grated. Oh man, life would suck without my graters. Whenever I make anything with ground meat (generally turkey), I grate in a little something-something. (How sad is it that I tried to type somethin’, but I just physically do it? Nerd alert!) Carrots work the best for this. Burgers, tacos, meatloaf, whatever your heart desires! Try it in pancakes too, the carrots add an amazing sweetness! And just like the spinach swap, this is great, because you end up eating less of the caloric foods and more of the veg-tastic goodness.

So I’m going to go snack on some veggies and contemplate more ways to eat the good stuff, but I’ll watch Never Say Never first. I started the movie already and it’s pretty fantastical. Not gonna lie, I’m starting to get the fever. And I hope that I’m not the only one.

And because there’s a strange lack of pictures in my posts lately, here’s some Guinness lovin!





What’s the last movie you watched?

Currently learning about the Biebs, otherwise the last movie before this was Gulliver’s Travels and I adored that movie!

Any other veggie tricks you care to share?

I know I’m forgetting something good.

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