I’m not so good with technology

And I keep just saving my posts and not publishing them. Whoops. So instead of posting all my old posts at once, how about I summarize and combine into one amazing post?

Recipes: One of my coworkers keeps asking for recipes whenever I cook something, the problem is, cooking isn’t an exact science. I know the basics, but it’s all about how I feel that day or what I have on hand. So I made a vegetarian chili this weekend and it really was a combination of what I had on hand, what was on sale, and the few essentials. I can give you the run down, but there is no set in stone recipe. I get that many people do need recipes. Either they struggle with eye-balling amounts, or they just don’t trust their instincts yet. There are tons of books, shows, websites, apps, etc for these people. One of the best things about culinary school, is that they really do boil it down (really crappy pun intended) to the method, not the exact amounts.

Living Alone: Why does everyone assume that because I’m a single female, living alone, that I am worried about my life? I live in a decent area with a variety of neighbors. Plus a dog who would kill whatever person decides to attack me. Should we all live in fear? No. I had my apartment broken into years ago and I moved on. It does shake you up a bit and makes you rethink your living arrangements, but it gets better. The other thing I hear a lot is, are you sad you aren’t married yet? The answer is always no. If I got married before, I probably would not be following my dreams right now. Plus Guinness does not do well with sharing.

Running: I’ve been slacking a ton on working out at all. I finally dug deep and found my old exercise dvds and I’ve been doing some of the quick 15 minute segments. It’s nothing great, but it’s keeping the desert pounds off. I think I need to find a race to do so I have to train and keep focused. I found an awesome 6.66 miler (around Halloween, of course). I’m just not sure how quickly I can build up my base again, because I’ve gone out for a run twice since I moved here, TWICE. That’s 2 times, in 1 month. I feel like I’m starting at the old run 1 minute, walk 5. I know I have more in me than that, but this is a giant step forward for me. 1 month to 6.66 miles? I need some serious motivation.

Finally, some desert porn, don’t mind the crappy quality, they are from my phone (which I’m not supposed to have on me in the kitchen or dinning room, so shhhh)



More pics to come as I sneak more pictures! Those poached pears were life changing and I wish I could eat one a day for one of my servings of fruit.

And finally, the most important news in my life lately:


When I moved, I “lost” my blender, considering it wasn’t mine to begin with. I’ve been living without my smoothies for awhile and it’s been rough. Really rough. I feel in love with the Ninja blender and knew that I wanted one for myself. I’ve been creeping all the stores and found one on sale for $20 off! Amazing, right? Wrong! I also used my store card to get an additional 5% off. Now that’s amazing. Reunited and it feels so good! I’ve made sure to blend something every day since I picked up the new roomie.


Best new purchase you’ve made in awhile?

Totally my new blender. The Ninja is amazing because it was blades all the way up, plus a great motor, so nothing gets stuck and left as a giant chunk. And it’s affordable for the average guy, unlike the vitamix blenders.

Do you take food porn pictures?

I used to take a lot more, but now I’m more about the flavors and completely forget about the pictures until I’m half way through eating. But these deserts are amazing. I feel the need to bring in my DSLR and frame the pictures.

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  1. Hi Alisa! I just found your blog and it looks great - you seem to target two of my favorite interests :) As for my fav new purchase - in the kitchen it's my Bamix (although it was actually a gift) and for running, it's my spibelt. As for taking pics of food, I haven't gotten into that yet, but I just started a blog a week ago about running and cooking, so I guess I'll have to start!


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