Welcome to the Island

Rhode Island that is. I survived the hurricane and only had to last a little more than 48 hours without power. I feel horrible for those who still don’t have power or worse, don’t have water! If any bloggers in New England need a shower, come my way. G and I will help you out! So needless to say, I haven’t been working out or cooking much. So instead of that talk, how about a tour?

Let’s start with the beach! Who doesn’t want to look at water? The day after I arrived in Rhode Island (with the help of my brother) we did some touristy stuff.


This was a rocky beach, but everybody was chilling on it like it was a sandy beach.


I find beauty in little things, like green beaches…


and waves crashing on algae covered rocks.


So after a trip to the beach, we hit up an awesome burger bar. I highly recommend Luxe Burger Bar. Not only did they have a decent beer menu, but the “build your own burger” was fun. My suggestion, pick a theme and then build from there. My bro did a Greek inspired burger with Kobe beef and I did a spin off of the traditional with a turkey burger (garlic aioli? caramelized onions? YES PLEASE!). The best part? G-Dog was allowed with us on the patio.

After stuffing ourselves, we took a tour of downtown PVD. The Guin-pup and I tried to take a family picture on the steps of the State House. It didn’t work so well. The close ups are ridiculous. It’s not even like one of us was prepared. Humans AND dogs can suffer from ADD. So here are some further back pictures, in which you cannot tell that we’re both looking in complete opposite directions..




The next post will have an apartment tour. Including ghetto cabling throughout all the rooms (I can decorate, but cannot figure out electronics). Get excited!


What was the last great restaurant you went to?

What’s the most exciting thing that happened to you in the past 4 days?

Probably the hurricane, even though it was only a tropical storm by the time it got here. But after that, getting my electricity back!


  1. That burger place sound amazing! I haven't been to any "great" restaurants in a while, sadly. Did try out a nice little italian place on Friday and it was decent, which is great because it's close by!

  2. Speaking of burgers...I've had way too many lately. LIke a ton!! Most exciting thing has been Hood To Coast...a big relay here in Oregon. I'm so glad you are going to do this art contest! :) I added and option!

  3. ... found your blog on Gourmet Runner. Love it.
    PS - Welcome to RI! I moved away from there 10 years ago, but still return to visit the family. It's quirky, but it can be a fun place. :)


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