The Tour, Part Dos

So last time I gave you a glimpse into the beauty I’m experiencing here. Now let’s take a glimpse into my apartment. (Dear creepers, don’t stalk me now.)

Please ignore the clutter, some things are still finding a home here and others have yet to be taken to the dumpster (I’m looking at you broken lamp and random boxes.) Also, I still have mismatched furniture (aside from the bedroom set) and I’m totally okay with that. There are some themes slowly forming here, so when the money appears, things will fall into place.

So onto the tour: When you first walk in my front door the bedroom is on the right:


(Don’t you love the wall of mirrors that is my closet? Amazing if you ask me. And totally unflattering.)

If you walk to the closet and turn left, there’s my bathroom:


And then the door leads you back out to the living room, while passing a coat/storage closet:


I know you are all jealous of my New York Times newspaper rack! Free! And the best part of the living room?


Squirrel O’Vision playing 24/7 out the window. I even moved that chair so G-Dog could get a better view. She will even lay down on the chair with her head propped up on arm rest.

So you keep walking and you hit the dinning room. Which I’m using as a workstation since I don’t really dine much (I just eat).


Can you spot Hoops and Yoyo? Do you even know who they are? The final spot to visit is the kitchen with the world’s smallest freezer! Seriously, what’s the point of meat going on sale super cheap if you can’t freeze all that bulk.


If you are wondering what’s all over the fridge, that would be my ridiculous magnetic poetry collection. It’s a bit out of hand. And took forever to put up. To the right of the fridge is my laundry room. Full size washer and dryer baby! There is also tons of storage and you can walk into it. They don’t just face out. Amazing.

So you’re sick of my tour? Sorry I didn’t feed you. Here’s the door, don’t let the dinosaur guarding my movie collection bite you on the way out!



In reality, I start classes tomorrow. I’m a tiny bit nervous, but mostly excited. I won’t be cooking dinner regularly, which stinks, because I have class until 8 at night, most nights of the week. And then, I work mornings. Eww.

Running has been interesting to say the least. I’m experiencing real hills for the first time ever. Not only have I been going a lot slower, but I can’t go as far without my ass giving out. Not pretty. I hurt the first time I did them and only did about 2.5 miles (was supposed to be 4 miles, but I kind of got really lost).


What’s new with you guys?

Give me something awesome, I know it’s in you!

Have you checked out Amanda’s awesome art contest?

I’m so excited that I don’t even know where to start!


  1. Cool tour--and yes, I actually do love the NYTimes rack!

  2. Don't be nervous! The whole freshman (do they call them freshmen?) class is in the same boat. They're all nervous, they all don't know many people. You'll do great!

  3. We're mirrored-closet door twins! Gold trim and all. Sometimes I just don't want to see how mis-matched and dishelved I look. Stupid mirrors everywhere...


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