Wiping off the dust, adding in some randomness

Dear blog, I missed you. Love, Alisa

Yeah, it’s been a busy couple of weeks and it will just keep being busy. The way my school works out is that I have five labs that each meet for nine days. So we do one lab at a time for nine days then move on to the next. I’m in class for at least 6 hours a day. Plus I work full time-ish. So you can imagine how crazy things are. If I’m not in class or at work, I’m studying and reminding Guinness that I do in fact live with her.

G love

Harsh. I have to pay for your expensive ways some how, dog.

The good news is, they do feed us there and the meals are fancy shmancy. Meals that would cost in the triple digits before you even include booze. Everything is freshly made, bread, soups, salad, dinners, desserts, everything. I’m enjoying getting the chance to eat all this fresh seafood for free. Be jealous. Plus the desserts. OH the desserts. Orgasmic is the best term. Fancy plated, amazing spun sugar, desserts. Real chocolate, and fresh baked pastries, desserts. Need another napkin for drool, desserts.

And because I spend all day cooking, I just don’t cook at home. My fridge literally only has apples, spinach, a water pitcher, and dog food. And my freezer is full of meat from the awesome sales I hit up after I moved here and frozen berries for smoothies. But I’m making some amazing vegetarian chili this weekend, so I will share that with you guys once it’s made. And by share, I mean take a picture and pretend to care that you’re drooling. Get excited, because chili is always awesome.

Other things to know, my bestie moved out here around the same I did. She claims it’s for school, but I think she just knew she would miss me too much. She already has a masters and is going for at least one more, probably two. She’s weird like that. While I’m working towards another BA, she already has one masters. Gross, who does that? But she has a blog and all of you should go visit and make her feel welcome in the blog world.


This was back when we were young and in college the first time around.

One reason I’m so excited for the BFF to be out here is that I’m socially awkward and she puts up with that. My new friends are finally figuring out that I’m not that weird, I just don’t know how normal people act. The best case in point is that I don’t know how to flirt. I just can’t do it. And the other night I was out with some classmates and was “flirting” with a friend of a friend. My friends later told me that I looked as though I was a child molester and he was seven years old. Yikes. (maybe this is why I’m still single)

But in more important news, everyone is doing a giveaway, so here’s the roundup:

SUAR is giving away some jewels

Miss Zippy is giving away some clothing for your naked self

Gourmet Runner is giving away some wristbands to keep all your worldly possessions

SkinnyRunner is giving some awesome Mission products

HungryRunnerGirl is also giving some clothes because of the great blogger nudist scandal (totally made that up, but that would a great TMZ story)

And breathe. That’s a lot of giveaways. How much do you want to bet that I don’t win a single one? I don’t have the DNA for winning.


How close does your BFF live to you?

When we were in Illinois, it was just under an hour to drive to each other’s place. Now it’s almost 1.5 hours. But in New England, curvy unmarked road ways, that’s probably closer to 2 hours.

Any other giveaways I’m missing? Don’t hold back!

There is always at least one floating around. I’m still waiting for the lifetime supply of Larabars and brand new eco-friendly car giveaway. One of these days it will appear in my reader.

Are any of you socially awkward? Any reformed awkward kids? Tips please!

I just want to flirt normally! Or at least not look like a pervy old man.


  1. Um, my BFF used to live in Hong Kong (we both did) but I moved to Georgia--and then she moved to NYC! So still a crazy distance apart from each other.
    Socially awkward right here with you, don't worry!

  2. My bestie lives about 45 min away from me. I moved to Orlando for a job - but only because she lived here. Yeah, I followed her. I'm a follower!
    I feel socially awkward but everyone tells me I'm not. So I guess I'm socially awkward on the inside.
    Oh, and I refuse to be excited about chili. But maybe one of those desserts you were talking about.

  3. yay! Love the shout out and the picture! Remember when we were skinny? I miss those days....oh college.

  4. Hey--you won my giveaway today! Send me an email with your full name/shipping info to gourmetrunnerblog@gmail.com and let me know which Banjee you want sent to you!


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