Allow myself to introduce... myself

Welcome world! This is my first post on my new blog. I've done the blogging thing before and usually got bored with it, so hopefully this one lasts. This will be a great way to update my friends and family on my new life. It should, hopefully, keep me accountable to my running. In other words, this blog could be totally kick A, or fail miserabley.

So... about me... My name is Alisa, I'm in my upper twenties and live close to a major city in the Midwest. After many years of not knowing what a I want to do with my life (yeah, a degree in poli sci and sociology doesn't really mean much), I've decided to follow my dreams and go to culinary school. I've always enjoyed cooking, so it's time to make money doing so! I'll be moving in August to attend school. So until then, you will get to enjoy in my excitement leading up to this event. I hate the term foodie, but I am one. I'm a part time vegetarian, I eat meat (usually poultry and never red meat) about once a day at most and eat fish and legumes the rest of the time. I'm lactose intolerant as well, so that has led to some awesome new recipe swaps.

Also, I started running a year ago and have completed a few 5ks since then. My first half marathon is also in August. I suffer from severe asthma and have arthritis in one of my knees, so running is a big challenge everyday, but I still love it. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading the blogs of runners and they have given me inspiration to keep going.

Now about the blog. I'm not one of those crazy eaters (who are probably doing it all right and I'm all wrong), with their big bowls of mushy things for breakfast topped with chia seeds. But I'm a big eater. So this blog will showcase some of my favourite recipes and some new ones that I've tried. I'll also share some interesting food things, like my vast amount of knowledge on healthy fats. Finally, I'll share some of my running stuffs. I'm a slow shuffler, so I don't see myself sharing times often. But I'll still post workouts.

And finally, get ready for a lot of this:

That's my pup, Guinness. She's my soulmate and the smartest dog in the world. Most of my runs are with her and due to some health issues (doggy IBS), I make her meals from scratch. I will share doggie information occasionally. 


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