So... we're skipping spring?

Workout: stretching my arm from my side to the cookies, back to my mouth, and repeat ad nauseum (really)

It's about one billion degrees out right now. At least it feels that way after so many 50 degree-ers. One of the benefits of my job is the crazy hours, I may have had to get up early, but I was done by noon. So I made a quick trip to the store to buy the essentials, like shampoo and soap. Smelly Alisa doesn't make friends.

Guinness agrees, it's too hot to do anything more than laying on the kitchen floor.

I got home and was too hot to even fathom the strength to work out. So instead I officially unpacked my summer clothes and packed away winter. Goodbye snowflake sweaters. I won't miss you at all. And I know I will see you again so soon!

Hello cute skirts! My legs may be blindingly pale right now, but I'm Irish, so nobody can tell if that's my tan or not!

You and your friends are looking mighty gorgeous right now!

I don't know what I'm going to make for dinner. Laziness and the heat are making it hard to want to work. I would much rather chase bugs on the deck with G-homie.

If I decided to do anything more than eat a bag of chips and knock back a few beers, I'll let you know. Hopefully the storms tomorrow hold off enough to let me get in my long run. 6 miles... here I come!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! First, I love Guiness! As a fur mom myself, I can totally relate!!

    I so LOVE exchanging col weather clothes for summer season stuff...still holding out a bit here though :/

    Good luck on your 6 miles!


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