I swear, I'm bringing Sexy Back!

I haven't been avoiding you blog, I've just got more important things to do.

Yeah, that song came on in the last ten minutes of my long run today and gave me the push I need. Thanks Justin!

And I also have to drink smoothies in my awesome collection of pint glasses. If I don't, who will?

Art in fermented form. Let's pretend my smoothie is that delicious.
Don't be jealous. And if any of you decide you want to be my friends (comment or subscribe to show the love, I swear I don't bite), you can come visit and see my massive collection of pint glasses and coffee mugs. Those are your only drinking options. Sorry.

Also, I'm struggling to come up a great name for my new favorite brunch bev.
  • Sparkling wine + peach nectar = Bellini
  • Sparkling wine + OJ = Mimosa
  • Sparkling wine + Mighty Mango = Mang-osa? Mang-ini?
Help me decide!

That's four pound of kiwis behind my yummies. There may be a kiwi pastry in the works, watch out!

Do you guys ever get in the habit of using the same glass over and over again for a month and then switch? No? Just me?

There are no pictures to prove it, but I'm working on perfecting polenta fries. They are delicious, but I'm trying to make them as easy and healthy as possible (i.e. no flour dipped, deep fried fries).

And finally, I'm working on my moving stuff. A lot happens in the month of August and I have about five thousand weddings before then, so the more I can do now, the better. But one of the most important ones that I need help on is finding some races to do once I move. I know there are some people in the Rhode Island/Boston area, so if you know of races I just have to do, let me know. I found a few already.
  • The Run Around the Block 15k, on Block Island
  • The Ocean Run 1/2 Marathon (or 5k, depending on how the first 1/2 in August goes)
  • The Tour de Patrick in March (three races, being Irish, and finally, four shirts...yesssss)

And this is why I'm too busy to write a blog. So now that this is done, I have to get back to my letter writing to the Hanson boys and let them know that I'm still single and I'm not picky. I mean, laundry. Yeah, laundry.


PS - I swear I don't bite guys, I see a lot activity on here, but very few comment or subscribe. I'll even send baked goods if that will help.


  1. Ha! I will comment. I'm not afraid! I saw your "cadbury eggs are eggs and healthy" comment over at Reeses and that made me giggle. So, I came over to say hi. Hi!

  2. Pint glasses..awesome! So much more character than the normal drinking glass. Perfect for smoothies. And Polenta fries. Yum!

  3. Ha!! I just used a pint glass for my unattractive smoothie! The snoopy pic makes me laugh!! Sounds like you are super busy!!! Hang in there!!!


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