Keep On Rockin In The Free World

I don't get how so many runners can go more than one mile without music. I need it! Otherwise I try to talk myself out of running. I convince myself that I need to turn around. But what's in a playlist?

  • Music that you like
  • Music that has a quick enough tempo
  • Music that you don't hate
  • A variety of songs
That's it for me. I hate rap and most pop music, so even though that's apparently fast enough for most runners, I would kill myself. Most of the music I listen to is slower paced, but it's quick enough that it doesn't put me to sleep.

I have multiple play lists that I switch between. Some are basic, but I also have my summer playlist, or my Christmas playlist that I break out during appropriate seasons. And those of course contain seasonally appropriate songs. I have a HUGE collection of Christmas music, so that would make sense. But my summer playlist is a beast of a different nature. Of course it has plenty of Jimmy Buffet and Bob Marley, but I also have random songs with the word summer in the title (like DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince doing "Summertime"), some random ska music like Catch-22 and Less Than Jake, but also Hanson. Hanson makes it onto all of my playlists. One day I explain my odd but real love for that band of brothers!

So this leads me to my other playlists. I have them somewhat separated into different groups. I have a pop-esque one full of Glee songs (LOVE ME SOME GLEE!), Guster, DMB, but it also has some classics from CCR and the Doobie Brothers. I put some of my world music on this list too. I have an awesome collection of African musicians that fit in here perfectly!

Another playlist has the oldies. But not those oldies. I'm talking original Britney Spears, BSB, Hanson, and so on. Just so I don't go into junior high screaming girl mode, I threw in some Michael Buble. Yeah, I turns me into a thirty something screaming fan. Yeah, much better. More diginified. But really, I have some John Butler Trio and Xavier Rudd on there to calm the hormones. If you've never heard of them, check other those amazing musicians now!

And finally, my favorite playlist of all times. My favorite music. My Irish music! Love this stuff. It's like crack to me. (Or craic, for those who get the joke...) Gaelic Storm, Slide, Scythian, and so on. They are all on here and keep me rocking out. I do a little jig as I run and I'm learning Gaelic at the same time. It's amazing.

What's on your playlist? 
See Above!

Have you run without music?
Not by choice: forgetting to charge up, iPhone having a spaz attack whilst running, etc. I can do it for short distances, but nothing more than two miles. Even when I'm thinking about other things, the music keeps me focused on the task at hand. I listen to music almost all day everyday anyway.

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