Being An Adult Is Sooooo Hard.

Life lessons are learned every day. Today something clicked in my brain while running that as much as I'm an adult, I don't feel like it all the time. Here's why:

1. I still prefer having my dad's name on my stuff. I'm talking credit cards, bank accounts, apartment lease. Part is because my dad has a credit score that is only obtainable through mafia connections. And part is in case something happens (knock on wood), his name is on there, so it's easier to take control of the situation. If I'm in a coma in the hospital, I don't want my parents stressing out about how to access my credit card.

2. I hate working 9-5, 40 hour work weeks. I like schedules and regularity. But there's something great about having a morning off one day and a night off the other. I was home at noon today. NOON. That's not something you get at a regular job. Except for prostitutes. And maybe the mafia.

3. I avoid paying bills like the plague. For the longest time I didn't watch tv, so that I could have one less bill to pay. I have everything on auto-pay so that I don't have to think. Just make sure there's money in my bank account and I'm golden.

4. Applications confuse me. I'm finishing up my apartment application and I swear I came across the questions "when was the last time you wore stripes and plaid while wearing polka dot underwear?" (probably not.) and also "if train A leaves the station at 7pm going 189.325 mph east and contains corn and cows and train B leaves the station at midnight going .3258 mph going north and the conductor's name is Augustus, what kind of tree is planted in our lobby?" (I answered pine, because everybody loves a good pine tree indoors. I hope that's right)

5. I still enjoying stealing food from my parents. But come on, who doesn't.

Enough with this serious shite, here's a cute picture of G-Money:

Do you feel like an adult yet? Or am I the only one that feels that way?
I'm still convinced I'm not an adult. I don't care what they say. 

Why did I mention the mafia twice in one post?
Seriously, why?


  1. Umm...yes! My age still freaks me out because I feel like I'm still 23 but a wrinkly 23.

    I HATE working 9-5, except I work 7:30 - 5:30, which sucks even more.

    Also, I wish my husband had my dad's quality of taking care of all the "man stuff." Killing bugs, taking my car in for an oil change, hanging up heavy pictures, calling someone when the A/C breaks. But no...that's all me. Ugh.

    The only thing I have that's awesome is good credit. Last car I bought, the dealer told me it was one of the best scores they've seen in awhile. So, I guess I'm an adult and responsible for paying bills on time.

  2. ha! I havent lived with my parents in ten years, have been married for almost five years, and have a toddler and I STILL dont feel like an adult.

  3. Thank you for reassuring me that I'm not the only one who doesn't feel like an adult. I hope that feeling never kicks in. I enjoy being in limbo.


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