I know you can overtrain and I know you can undertrain, but you just train?

Today was the day from h-e-double hockey sticks. I got no sleep and work was non stop all day. It's amazing that when I'm having a bad day, the stupid in people comes out. I really just hate having to deal with it. But I persevered and continued working toward the goal of me going home and running. I got about half way through my work day and it was only getting worse. By the time I left I was shaking from stress. It was legit. I had to sit in my car and try to get my nerves to calm down enough to let me drive. You don't think it was that bad? An example of today would be when some idiot construction worker in his giant van HIT the building only feet away from where I work. Seriously. The stupid is out and about today.

If I were president I would enforce mandatory warning signs for all stupid people!

So I got home, finally, and was planning on a run. I really wasn't up to it, but I knew I should. I knew I needed to get out and clear my head from the stress. But I still wasn't up to it. I got in the house, greeted Guinness, saw that she pooped in the house, cleaned it up quick, discussed doggie bathroom habits with the pup, and guess what...
                        still wasn't up for a run. At this point I was ready to pull some hair out. I knew a run would be the best thing. I get to my room, get out of my work clothes, barely put on my sports bra, and start tearing up. I'm not a crier, so when the tears come, I know something is up. Then the light bulb went off...

I just read an article in Experience Life about over and under training (read the article here, it's a quick read). Most of it was basic information that we all know, but don't always listen to. One thing hit me hard though. Your body interprets any type of stress as... wait for it... STRESS. A demanding workout is stressful on your body. Yes, it is healthy. Yes, it is better for you in the long run. BUT, you can't compartmentalize all your stress. Your body doesn't know the difference of work stress, family stress, etc. This is when athletes burn out. You think you can leave your problems at the office, keep your family out of your head once you hang up the phone, and that your body will miraculously heal itself after you take off your running shoes. But it doesn't work that way. If you're filling your body with one stress after another and not dealing with them, your body burns out. You need to give your body time to recover from all of that.

Totally stole this from Experience Life too, but the picture sums this up!

The article plainly put it: "When high stress strikes, don't abandon your fitness program. But do consider scaling back your workout intensity and moderating your frequency."

So what did I do? I finished putting on my sports bra, laced up the ol'sneaks, and went on the most relaxing walk with my Guinness. We chased ducks, stalked squirrels, and tried to figure out what waterfalls are...

If I drink from it, will it whisk me away?

What is your experience with over/under training?
I under train all the time. But I do have problems with the work-life balance right now, that's making me fit into the over training category much easier. 

What do you do to release your stress?
Besides long walks in nature. I love a funny movie. Making myself laugh is the easiest fix for myself. And this is why I have a giant collection of crappy movies. Because the worse they are, the more I laugh.

Can you name the movie that inspired my title?
Come on... ten cool points to whoever names it first!

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