So much stuff.

Why, hello Blog-Buddies! I've missed you so much. Granted, I won't have a day off until Friday, and it feels like years since I had one, but I keep trying to post. So I'll make this as smooth as possible. A list perhaps? I think so.

Lists? Let's do this!

1. How do you guys handle the work/life/run balance? There are weeks I can't handle the work balance, so adding in life is hard enough. And then running? And general working out? Yikes. I've been trying to fold laundry for a week now. A WEEK! I feel so lazy.

We're bored already.

I know that running early in the morning is helpful for some. And most of the time, it works for me. But I had to be at work at 4:30 this morning. I'm not waking up at 2:30 to get in a work out, shower, and make it to work on time. Sleep is important. At least to me.

I hear tigers like sleep too. Could be a rumor.
2. Some-puppy had a vet appointment. She literally scratches the walls to get out. That's how much she hates them. And everybody at the office spends a good twenty minutes straight telling her how cute she is. Yeah, my dog is a supermodel. She takes after her mom.

Charging her lasers. Totally adorable even in attack mode.
3. My brother and I took my dad to the zoo for Father's Day. It's my dad's fav activity ever. I'm in full support of the zoos that focus on rebuilding dwindling populations of animals. It makes my heart warm.
Oh man, we're so bored. Shut up now.
4. My family went out for dinner on Saturday and tried the restaurant two miles away from my parent's house that we have never gone to. It was good. I carbo-loaded for a run that never happened. (I used to call it making it a bad choice, but now I call it fueling.)

Give us more food, or we're eating your shirts!
6. I didn't exercise once this weekend, aside from Friday. I did do a lot of walking at the zoo on Sunday, but the big Icee and giant beer probably counteract that. And I'm not working out today, because, well... I don't need an excuse for you!

I may be covered in a layer of blubber, but at least I get my miles in every day.

Seriously, fattie. We run at least once a day. Not like your once a week.

Yeah, a vet visit is exciting for me. Please don't laugh too hard.
Hey guys, she's begging us not to laugh.

But she leads such a miserable existence.
It's not like we do much more...

What did you do this weekend?

Hopefully there are no animals mocking you about your plans!

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