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So it's time for another episode of Five For Friday. And today we're discussing how I failed at properly preparing for my long run today.

1. Go out for happy hour two nights before and stay out late chit chatting and digesting sushi. Then get called in extra early that morning. 5 am? Did that.

2. Eat your weight in Double Stuff Oreos in one sitting the day before your long run.

3. Go out with co-workers for karaoke the night before. Because the next day nobody had to work, make sure to lose track of time and close down the bar. 2 am? Fo Sho!

4. While at karaoke, drink too many beers because they are on special for the night. They might have been out of my favorite, Guinness (not just a dog, but a beer too!), but I thoroughly enjoyed my Newcastle and my Newcastle, and my Newcastle, and my...

5. In a tipsy state, decide that waking up early to run makes perfect sense, because I can always nap later. When the alarm goes off after 5 hours of sleep, decide to not hit snooze, but reset the alarm for an hour later. In actuality, reset the alarm to go off five minutes later. And continue to fail at this until you decide to just turn off the alarm (it took me multiple attempts). Wake up almost two hours later.

Sooooo, the long run didn't quite happen today. I got out and did an hours worth of running in what could best be described as a speed ladder. Or maybe fartleks, only because I like saying fartleks. I was obviously dehydrated while running and my body just ached the whole time. I pushed through and figured, yes, I can always nap later. And I have spent the rest of the day lying around while doing laundry. It doesn't help that it's been a beautiful shade of gray all day. So I'm checking out for the rest of the night. Couch... here I come!

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  1. Thanks for your tips about Twitter. Sorry to hear about your intestines. bummer. :( And this looks like some of the choices I've been making lately so no wonder I'm sick and the runs have not been so hot. :)


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