What kind of Ninja are you?

I've been obsessed with McChris for a long time (only thing I got from a really dumb ex). He's really low key in the music scene, so imagine my surprise when I heard one of his songs on a new Honda commercial! The song is "Hoodie Ninja" and is youtube-able. It made me think about my skills. I would be sucky ninja, but I have skills! Like speed work. And soup. Moving on...

Ninja like this...
I have a 5k on Sunday! I ran the same route on Thanksgiving, so I'm hoping real hard to drop my time down, maybe even a new PR? There's a killer hill at the end. Which is odd, because you never really go down, just up at the end. Hmmmmm... what goes up, doesn't have to ever go down? So what's a girl to do to get a new 5k PR? Speed work. Or as I call them, sprintervals (you get it... sprint... intervals... sprintervals... no? sad face). Guinness and I were just happy it wasn't 96 degrees today! If it's 98 degrees, that's okay, because I'll just ask them to sing to me while I run! (ohhhh, that was a horrible joke. I'm so sorry you had to read that.)

They are totally coming on my next run.

So the skies parted and the rain stopped enough to let me get in my sprintervals. And then I worked on building my ark. Because it rained FOR-EV-ER today. And apparently it will rain the rest of the week. I shall start gathering two of everything later.

I very much like my purple hat!
All morning long I kept telling my coworkers that I wanted soup for dinner. Why? Because it was thundering all night and was raining for over 12 hours straight. Also, it dropped about 40 degrees in those 12 hours. (I'm not complaining, it made for nice running weather, once the rain stopped) It just felt like a soup night. I used some leftover grilled corn and made a spicy corn soup with some garlic bread for dipping. RANDOM FACT: one of my favorite meals is soup and salad. I had my salad about three hours before my soup course today. This girl is happy.

Spicy Corn Soup

3 ears of corn
2 dried bay leaves
6 pieces of bacon, chopped
1 red onion, diced
4 shallots, diced
1 clove garlic, minced
2 cups veggie broth
2-3 tablespoons chilli powder (I used chipotle powder)
1 avocado, chopped

1. Slice kernels of corn off cob. Save the kernels and any liquid that comes off. Place bare cobs in about four cups of water, with bay leaves. Heat to a simmer and let cook at least 20 minutes with lid on.
2. Crisp up bacon in a pan. Drain cooked bacon and reserve 1 tablespoon fat. Cook onion and shallot in bacon fat about 5 minutes, then stir in garlic.
3. Cook about 30 seconds, stir in veggie broth and chilli powder. Let cook for about 10 minutes, then stir in cooking water from cobs (without cobs and bay leaves).
4. Once everything is heated through, stir in corn kernels, let cook about two minutes.
5. Serve topped with chopped avocado and bacon! You can also top it with chopped tomato, but I don't have any...

Check out that thick layer of fat on top. Yummm!

Do you crave food based on weather?
Rainy requires soup, no matter what temperature. And the first weekend about 70 degrees, makes me want bratwursts and beers.

What is the next race on your schedule?
I have my 5k on Sunday and then maybe a 10k in July.

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