Monday Ramblings

I took a little blog break, because it has been positively gorgeous these last few days. A nice mild temperature, the sun is out, and there is just enough breeze to make everything a-okay!

Yesterday morning was my 5k. No new PR, mainly because the hill I had to tackle was extreme. It wasn't the hill I experienced last Novemeber. This was one that makes you cry out in agony. I tried to run most of it, but 2/3 up the hill, I just knew that if I wanted to finish the race strong, I would have to walk the rest. It sucked. I was 8 seconds away from a new PR. EIGHT SECONDS! I hate you hill.

Then after my friend and I finished our post race breakfast (pancakes, waffles, sausage, and bananas, oh yeah), we waited to watch the elites finish the half. Seriously, these people are fantastical!

Average Pace: 4:53... I could do that. I just choose to be super slow to make them feel better about themselves.
Side note, we all know everybody has their own "type." I like 'em tall and awkwardly skinny. For the longest time, I couldn't find them out there. Now I know they've been hiding out at races. Seriously, amazing. It's like "Alisa's perfect men stable" at the long distance races. Reason number 596412 why I'm so glad I got into racing.

Hey Guinness, what did you do while I was racing and finding you a dad?

That dog is so lazy. I forced her to take a walk with me in the afternoon.

"For realz? I get to go to the park?!?!"

Once we made it past the yard, she got a little too excited and started pulling too much for my taste. So we turned around and made a quick costume change to her shorter leash. Then we were really off! We did a little easy rock climbing:

"OMG BEST DAY EVER! Thanks mom"
Chased squirrels and ducklings and birds that were unobtainable:

Do you see it? We totally saw it.

Today I did a 6er and it felt really good. Considering after my first three 5ks, I hurt the next today, this is huge. Not only did I not hurt, but I could actually get out and run again! Ahhh... the healing power of yoga. I swear by it. I do basic stretches right after running and then yoga later in the day.

But back to the 6 miles. The weather was so wonderful to me, except that I forgot to put on sunscreen. Now, I may be the first person to remind you to wear some sunscreen. And I may wear it 96% of the year, but when I forget, it's always on a sunny day. Hello sunburnt nose! Thank you summer for reminding me why I hate you.

I tried to take picture of my burn, but my pale skin make it look like I'm just blushing a little. So I'll just give you a picture of what I imagine the sun really looks like:

EFF you and your evil ways sun!

So I'm just going to relax inside the rest of the day, watching old Disney movies online (don't be jealous of my love for Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century), eating popcorn drizzled with peanut butter and chocolate, and drinking yummy iced tea. Oh yeah, my life sucks a lot.

Best Idea Ever! Send me money as a thank you later.

A candy cane striped straw makes me think of winter and no sunburns.

What did you do this weekend?
Besides racing and taking walks with Big G, I also helped my parents garden. It was the perfect weekend for gardening.

Did you have great weather?
I hate summer, because I don't do well in heat or humidity, I melt. But this weekend and so far, this week, have been wonderful.

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