FFF - part 2

Another Five For Friday! Highlights from my Saturday

1. I did a bit of a long run today (5 miles, which is still long for me). I have a 5k on Sunday, so I didn't want to do too much.

I like purses...

2. I went to the mall with my bff Beth today and only bought some gummies at the candy store.

A healthy mixture of Swedish fish, sour brite crawlers, and gummy lobsters!

 3. Girl Math: If I eat a salad for lunch, I can totally eat my weight in french fries and they cancel out, right? Especially at Red Robin.

I google imaged "red robin french fries" and the first hit on the second page 
was Skinny Runner. That's awesome.

4. I'm planning on spending too much money on movies soon.

5. I loved The Hills when it first came on. And now TV Guide Channel plays the show everyday and even has a marathon on Sundays. I love drama that doesn't involve me!

OMG! I love drama too!

What is your secret obsession that you don't like to admit?

I'm open with my obsessions, but they should proabably be a secret. Like Hanson and The Hills. Don't judge.

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