I have a stalker.

So I've experienced my first off running week of my running career (aside from when I first started and hurt every day). I raced Sunday, did a long run Monday, then attempted a run Tuesday. After those two hard days of running, plus working all morning on my feet, I just couldn't run. I did as much as I could, but I took a few too many walk breaks than I would want.

Then I woke up Wednesday.

I ached. My joints were crying. My back was too tight to sit up. It sucked. Being old sucks so much. So I did some gentle stretching and then got down on myself. I really wanted to do some speed work. My heart wanted to do some speed work. I finally was able to get out of bed and G-Money was antsy. She wanted to run. My heart broke in pieces when I realized I would let her down too. We discussed some options. Oh yeah, I totally have full conversations with my dog, not crazy. So I threw on some clothes and did a slow mile walk with Guinness.
Get out of bed, close your closet doors, and take me running. Or else I will chew the left foot of all your shoes.
My body loosened up. Do I run? Shall I head home, change, and risk it? I wanted to. But I chose to cross train. I whipped out one of my old fitness DVDs and did a boot camp work out. It was awesome and just what I needed.

Totally did this move and rocked. In my living room.
I decided to do another walk today and not run. Guinness and I met a cute dog friend and the four of us (dog + human, x2) walked two miles together.

The last half a mile Guinness and I walked ourselves and I encountered a stalker. A bug kept circling around me for minutes. It would occasionally land on me or buzz in my ear. But no matter how many times I swatted at it, that stupid bug would not leave me alone. I finally sprinted for a few seconds and it disappeared.

Moral of the story: I love running. And hate being old and creaky.

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